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About MindLogger

The MATTER Lab is developing MindLogger to make it easy for anyone to collect, analyze, and visualize data using mobile devices. We are interested in mental health, so we are building a public library of assessments and interventions that you will be able to select from. Next on our roadmap is to build an editor panel for you to be able to easily build your own activities, such as surveys, quizzes, digital diaries, or cognitive tasks. If you are a researcher, clinician, or instructor, these activities will appear in a customized mobile app for use by your study participants, patients, students, or yourself.
  • See the User Guide

  • Features

    Each screen in a MindLogger activity can include informational text, picture, or audio and one of the following:
    • Question and response options
    • Slider bar
    • Text entry
    • Table entry (text/numbers)
    • Audio record
    • Photo/video capture
    • Draw/tap
    • GPS button
    • Simple cognitive task
    Each screen can also have a delay, a timer, as well as conditional logic to determine where to go next.

    Use cases

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy applet screenshots

    NIMH-EMA applet screenshots

    MindLogger is currently being used to gather survey data as part of the 10,000-person Healthy Brain Network research study. After this initial test, MindLogger will be used in research studies by our collaborators at the National Institute of Mental Health, MIT, UT Austin, the CRI in Paris, and elsewhere. We have received support from the Hearst Foundations to create a pediatric screener for clinical assessment of mental health and learning disorders. We are also partnering with schools specializing in learning and developmental disorders to build mental health and learning assessments for use by parents and teachers.